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Create Clarity From The Top Down For Sustainable Success.

  • As Clarity Increases, Communication Improves

  • As Communication Improves, So Does Efficiency

  • As Efficiency Improves, Productivity Increases

  • As Productivity Increases, So Does Your Bottom Line


“Working with Brad has changed our team culture.  It has also guided our day to day work and decision making.”

Dr. Scott White – Dentist

Are You Ready To Map Out Your Business?

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The Path

Clarify And Implement Your True Identity

Create Your Vision And Vivid Dreams

Develop The Healthy Habits Of Culture

Utilize Your Message To Stay On Path

Business Mapping Works

Business mapping takes the company core values that are just words on a wall, and the mission statement that is sitting in a drawer, and breaths life into them by molding them into a part of a complete LIFEmap for your business where everything and everyone is working together toward the same destination.

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We have found that creating a map for your business is essential to success.  Why?  Because you have to know who you are, where you want to go, develop a path to get there, and stay focused on that path.

Business mapping was developed to help leaders become aligned, lead in the same direction, and unify the people toward a clear, shared, and shareable vision.  And, as every business is unique, like every person, so are the business mapping sessions.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Discover where you are. We work together to discover your true identity in a way that they can communicate clearly.
  2. Discover where you want to go.  We work together to create and/or update your vision and vivid dreams to engage your people.
  3. Create a path to get there. We work together to develop habits in 7 critical areas as lead metrics for a healthy culture.
  4. Stay focused along the way.  We work together to clarify your message in a way that will help you stay focused on your path.

Creating, and following a business map will have a compounding effect over time.  Your speed to reaching your vision will increase because of focus; and your people will become more engaged in the life of your business, creating a positive and lasting effect on your profits.


“Brad listens.  Intently.  Then solves the problem at hand, usually in a way I hadn’t thought about, utilizing a methodology I didn’t know existed.  He’s brilliant.”

Clarence Fisher – Tulsa Internet Marketing


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