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  • As Individual Engagement Rises, So Does Work Engagement

  • As Work Engagement Rises, So Does Your Productivity

  • As Your Productivity Rises, So Does Your Bottom Line

  • Individual Engagement Is The Key To Employee Engagement

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“My life will be better in that LIFEdrive helps me to focus on the positive things in my life, and helps guide me to achieve my goals and dreams.”

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The Workshops.

  • #1 – Where I Am:  Discover Your Values, Priorities, and more!

  • #2 – Where I’m Going:  Discover Your Dreams, Focus, and more!

LIFE Mapping Works.

LIFE Mapping Workshops are a revolutionary approach to the problem of employee engagement.  We have discovered that, as people become more engaged in their life, they become more engaged at work.

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As we have helped people engage in their lives by mapping out their life, we have discovered that individual engagement is the key to employee engagement.  Think about it this way:  as people know themselves and pursue their dreams, they become more focused on every area of life.  We’ve also seen the side effect of gratitude from employees to their employers, and gratitude is a powerful force in productivity.

We all have our own unique dreams that have the ability to propel us forward through a life we can be fulfilled in and proud of.  LIFEdrive customizes your journey and your very own LIFEmap to keep you on your individual path.

Here’s how it works:

  1. We help you discover where you are.  At any point on a journey, your current location is key to getting where you want to go.  Knowing where, and who, you are helps you dream and create a path.
  2. We help you discover where you want to go.  Without a destination, we wander.  Many of us are doing this in life, as we’ve given up on our dreams.  Knowing where you want to go points you in your right direction.
  3. We help you create a path to get there.  Like any map, your LIFEmap would be useless without a charted path.  You won’t follow it exactly, but without it a map can look really overwhelming, and even scary.
  4. We help you stay focused along the way. Let’s be real.  Life is full of distractions; sometimes good and sometimes bad.  If we aren’t focused on our path, we will lose sight of our dreams, and often give up.

Without a LIFEmap of our own, we end up following other’s paths for our life; whether Hollywood, media, friends, or even our family, allowing our personal dreams to get sacrificed.

Following your unique dreams doesn’t just help you, it also helps those around you.  We all have special desires and special gifts, and living in them increase our quality of life as well as many others that get to benefit from them.  We want to help pull those dreams and gifts out of you, not only for you, but to improve the world around you!

LIFE Mapping Workshops are a series of two 90-minute workshops: Workshop #1 –Where I Am, and Workshop #2 – Where I’m Going.

As human beings, we want to find ourselves in stories worth dreaming about.  With LIFEdrive, you’ll be able to map out your life and start achieving your dreams, over and over again.

Dream. Focus. Win. Repeat.

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