LIFE Mapping Workshops For Employees

Each workshop includes fun and unique team building activities for employee engagement.
Invest in your people. Everyone benefits.

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Personal Engagement Affects Employee Engagement

LIFEdrive North Star
  • As Personal Engagement Rises, So Does Work Engagement

  • As Work Engagement Rises, So Does Productivity

  • As Productivity Rises, So Does The Bottom Line

According to Gallup 51% of workers are looking to leave their current job.  And it can cost around 33% of an employee salary to replace them!  What would it mean for your company to lower those numbers? 

There is no time better than NOW to invest in your employees with a our LIFE Mapping workshop that is designed with team building activities for employee engagement and to increase company loyalty. 97% of all employees that attend a LIFE Mapping Workshop feel invested in by their employer and 95% believe it will lead to an increase in company culture, productivity, and team work.

We want to get your employees excited about their life, and their work is a big part of that life.


“It was really insightful and I could have worked on my lifemap all day long. I appreciate Gateway for bringing in things like this.”

LIFE Mapping Attendee


“I thought it was awesome and it allowed us to have some conversation that I don’t think we would have had previously.  [the instructor] was relatable, passionate, and did a fantastic job!”

LIFE Mapping Attendee (CEO)


“These workshops have been very motivational and have given me a clear path on how to implement this type of thinking in my life.”

LIFE Mapping Attendee

Our LIFE Mapping workshop is strategically designed with team building activities for an increase in employee engagement.

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What is LIFE Mapping?

We all have an inherent desire to live a fulfilled life, but not everyone knows how or is equipped with the correct tools to do so. Therefore, our workshops will help by walking your team through the process of mapping out their life in four main sections:

  • #1 – Where I Am:  Discover Your Potential, Priorities, & more!

  • #2 – Where I’m Going:  Discover Your Dreams, Focus, & more!

  • #3 – How To Get There:  Learn how to create habits, routines, & more!

  • #4 – How To Focus:  Learn the power of teams, mentors, & more!

What You’ll Get From Our Team Building Workshops?

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Individual User Experience

The key to any successful team building activity is creating a unity with your team while celebrating the individuality of each team member.

We do just that! This workshop will focus on what drives the individuals that make up your company while also instilling a culture of support, employee engagement, “can-do”, and loyalty.

LIFE Mapping Tools

Each workshop covers 17 different proven tools and tangible steps to help your team map out their life and then stay on track.

Our instructor will walk them through team building activities to help discover their strengths and weakness, how to overcome roadblocks, stay focused, efficiently manage their time, and much more.

LIFEdrive Compass

Increased Life Engagement

When people dig into what they truly want out of life, it ignites a passion in them which is a passion teams need to be injected with.

If you want increase employee engagement and have a team that is passionate about your organizational goals, you have to first get them passionate about their personal goals.

97% of all LIFEdrive workshop attendees feel invested in by their employer!

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LIFE Mapping & Employee Engagement

LIFE Mapping Workshops are a unique approach to the issue of employee engagement and turnover.  We have discovered that, as people become more engaged in their life, they also become more engaged at work.

Business woman looking in the mirror holding a trophyAs we continue to help people engage in their lives through LIFE Mapping Workshops, we have seen the connection between individual engagement and employee engagement. There is also the positive side effect of gratitude towards employers, and gratitude can be a powerful force in productivity and company loyalty.

Think about it this way; people all too easily can get caught up in survival mode, both professionally and personally.  When that happens they start to lose their drive and slowly begin to disengage from work and home.

When your team goes through the process of discovering what is important to them, prioritizing their goals, and then establishing habits and skills to meet them.  They begin to re-engage and bring all these new or re-energized skills to work because life and work are intertwined. This is why our workshops were strategically designed to include multiple team building activities for employee engagement throughout each one.

Here’s how LIFE Mapping works:

  1. Discover where you are. At any point on a journey, knowing your current location is key to getting where you want to go.
  2. Discover where you want to go  Without a specific destination, we can zig zag from here to there to over there. Getting clarity on where you truly want to go points you in the right direction.
  3. Create a path to get there. A journey between two points can be straight and smooth or jagged and rough depending on how prepared you are for what life throws at you.  Taking the time to plan out the route makes all the difference.
  4. Stay focused along the way. Life is full of distractions; sometimes good and sometimes bad.  Without focus we can easily slip off path and into rough terrain for a frustrating journey. That is why you need to have tool to return to route and get back on track.

Without a map, we can easily end up taking a series of wrong turns leading us town a path we didn’t want to be on and completely frustrated.  The same is true about LIFE. Increase focus and decrease unwanted distractions by creating a LIFEmap during this fun and unique employee workshop.

Invest in your people. Everyone benefits.  

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