Workshops To Help Your Team Engage In Life.

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Do You Struggle With Employee Engagement?

The Problem

The Possibility - HEALTHY Culture
  • 4 out of 6 employees aren’t engaged (Gallup)

  • 1 out of 6 is actively disengaged (Gallup)

  • <20% of people know their purpose (HBR)

The Possibility

The Possibility - HEALTHY Culture
  • Increased Engagement (Gallup)

  • Decreased Turnover (Gallup)

  • Increased Profits (Gallup)

LIFEdrive Helps People Engage In Life!

The Possibility - HEALTHY Culture

As you help your people engage in their lives with LIFEdrive, we will help them discover where they are, where they want to go, develop a path to get there, and give them tools to help them focus along the way.

Imagine everyone on your team becoming more satisfied in their life, more focused, working out of their strengths, and grateful for you investing in them.


“Great content. It has been a long time since I have stopped to fully think about where I want to be.”

Workshop Attendee

What You Will Experience

LIFEdrive workshops, fueled by stories and activities, are designed to help your team map out their lives!

Where I Am

• Priorities
• Satisfaction
• Potential
...Plus More!

Where I'm Going

• Dreams
• Focus
• Wins
...Plus More!

How To Get There

• Habits
• Routines
• Time
...Plus More!

How To Focus

• Team
• Mentors
• Accountability
...Plus More!

97% of all LIFEdrive workshop attendees feel invested in by their employer!


“My life will be better in that LIFEDrive helps me focus on the positive things in my life and helps guide me to achieve my goals and dreams. Now is the time to stop, reflect and aim to make my goals and dreams happen.  I want to lead by example for my family and friends. Thank you!”

Workshop Attendee

Your Investment

Single (One 90-Minute Workshop)

$1,00000per workshop

20% Off Bundle (All Four Workshops)

80000per workshop

Why LIFEdrive Works.

LIFEdrive is a radical movement in the coaching world, putting the power of your dreams to work for you.  We all have our own unique dreams that have the ability to propel us forward through a life we can be fulfilled in and proud of.  LIFEdrive customizes your journey and your very own LIFEmap to keep you on your individual path.

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LIFEdrive is built from the successful life of its creator, lived out by every LIFEdrive coach, and these Core Path Workshops will help you get started on your mapped out path for life; discovering where you are, where you want to go, what is the path to get there, and how to focus to stay on it.  We are here to help you Dream, Focus, Win, and Repeat!

LIFEdrive - The Possibility

Life is FULL of distractions and can get heavy at times.  We can’t count on luck to stay satisfied, hopeful and truly happy.  We must plan our life, map it out, and stay on path to have it all.  Otherwise, we end up following other’s paths for our life; whether Hollywood, media, friends, or even our family, allowing our personal dreams to get sacrificed.  But following your unique dreams doesn’t just help you, it also helps those around you.  We all have special desires and special gifts, and living in them increase our quality of life as well as many others that get to benefit from them.  We want to help pull those dreams and gifts out of you, not only for you, but to improve the world around you!

LIFEdrive offers four 90-minute workshops, with two focusing on Self-Awareness (Workshop #1 –Where I Am & Workshop #2 – Where I’m Going) and two focusing on Self-management (Workshop #3 – How To Get There & Workshop #4 – Tools To Focus).

As human beings, we want to find ourselves in stories worth dreaming about.  With LIFEdrive, you’ll be able to map out your life and start achieving your dreams.  Register now to get the tools to do it!

Dream. Focus. Win. Repeat.

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