You’re The Expert. We’re Your Platform.

LIFEdrive is the platform to create your very own coaching companion. Easily customize your own digital planner to help people get where they want to go and become who they want to become.

Reach More People With Your Own Mobile App

24/7 Impact On Your Audience

Increase Reach To All Employees

Low Friction Recurring Revenue

19 Time

With LIFEdrive, you will be able to impact the day to day lives of everyone you engage with your system and coaching, making your teaching stickier and more applicable, increasing the value of your coaching.

49 Team Matters

Most coaches have a limited audience, whether the CEO, executives, managers, or other leaders.  LIFEdrive will open your audience to everyone they lead, expanding your reach.

34 ROI

Being able to have day to day impact on more in an organization is huge in retaining and upselling clients.  With LIFEdrive, not only do you get that engagement daily, but you also create a scalable recurring revenue stream!

How We Help

An Engaging Team Meeting
  • LIFEdrive doesn’t replace coaching, and it doesn’t replace the system you’ve worked so hard to create!
  • LIFEdrive is a mobile companion for you as a coach to amplify, solidify, and grow your system impact. Customize our app or build your own that your clients can download with your name on it.
  • You’re the expert. We’re your platform.

How It Works

We took the concept of a success planner, 1-to-1 coaching, workshops, accountability, personal growth…and built LIFEdrive.  Our approach is incredibly simple for your users, and can be customized to your coaching style, content, and system!

Our user experience focuses users on 5 Core Areas, but you can turn any of these on or off, and you can customize them to fit your needs!

The 5 Core Areas of LIFEdrive are:

Learning Icon-Blue_No Circle

My Growth

This is where you can teach, train, encourage, and engage with all your users.  Think about the videos or live workshops teaching your tools and theory. Now have them integrated right inside the tool itself. 

To-Do Icon

My Day

How we manage our days determines our lives. This area of LIFEdrive gives you a place for those things you want your audience to engage with daily, such as tasks, gratitude, habits, etc.

Activity Icon-No Circle_Blue

My Week

To promote successful days, weekly planning is key! This area of LIFEdrive gives you a place for items to be revisited on a weekly basis.  Think about this as a week in preview and a week in review.

Motivation Icon_Teal

My Future

What an overwhelming thought for most people!  This area of LIFEdrive simplifies the huge topic of a person’s future with things like dreams, goals, and who they want to become. 


My Life

This is an area to help them understand and improve who they are, such as values, purpose, strengths, and personality.

You can use all these areas or none of them, defining your own, but think about having your own planner available in digital form to guide those you get to help to a more satisfying life.

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Are You Ready To:

  • Have 24/7 Impact
  • Increase Your Reach
  • Build Recurring Revenue

If this sounds like you, let's schedule a conversation and talk about how LIFEdrive can become your companion in success!

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