We Build Tools For People Who Help People.

Our platform allows anyone to immediately have their own mobile tool to help their sphere of influence. Whether your focus is physical, mental, emotional, vocational, relational, social, financial, or other, you can use our platform to positively effect others’ lives. Use our content, create your own content, or use a mixture of both. We built the platform to be customizable and easy to use.

Reach More People With Your Own Mobile App

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  • Connect with more people, faster
  • Offer more than a standard online couse
  • Ongoing experience versus one-time static purchase
  • Ongoing content available to use from the very beginining
  • Avoid the high cost of developing your own app from scratch

How We Help

We have created a turn-key mobile platform that allows coaches, creators, mentors, therapists, counselors, etc. to quickly and cost effectively create their own mobile app without sacrificing on quality.

LIFEdrive doesn't just help with the technology aspects of having your own mobile app, we also help with creating content. With a library full of activities, articles, motivational quotes, videos, images, etc. and more being continually created. You have access to all of our content or you can choice to only use parts of it, or just your own.

We are your mobile platform partners.

Platform Features

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Enjoy a variety of tools to create users engaging activities for your users.

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Audio, media, and text tools to create learning content for users to dip dive into topics. 

To-Do Icon


Assign tasks that need to do be completed outside the app and checked off when done.



The LIFEmap feature automatically stores all activity outcomes and is customizable.  

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Add encouragements to keep users motivated and progressing forward. 

Quote Icon


Add words of wisdom and/or advice from yourself or other mentors.

Reminder Icon


Add precisely timed reminders of the biggest lessons you don't want users to miss. 



Add professional videos to share stories, tips, encouragements, and more. 


  • Coach or mentor at scale
  • Increase profits with recurring revenue
  • Increase value proposition with own technology
  • Access to LIFEdrive content library
  • Technology, content, and marketing partner


Looking For A Mobile Platform Partner?

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